Knowing more about the Indian Stock Market

19 Jun

If you are an investor in the Indian stock market, you must have already come across the term SEBI. For starters, we will take a look at what SEBI is and what roles they are that they play in the Indian stock trade.

SEBI, is an abbreviation that stands for, Securities and Exchange Board of India. More or less it functions just like the SEC, Securities Exchange Commission of the United States. Precisely, SEBI by and large serves to regulate the operations of the financial markets in India alongside the factors of investor protection. Besides this, they will as well have the responsibility of laying down the policies and frameworks, ethical standards and practices of the same markets, the financial markets in the country, India. Now you can tell the reasons why they have as well been referred to as the watchdogs of the Indian financial markets. As a matter of fact, there have been many instances where the body has acted in the interest of the investors such as by preventing insider trading in the various corporate bodies in these markets. They have as well been seen to work and act to protect the interests of the small investors in the markets.

The Securities Exchange Board was actually came to be in the year 1952 through an Act of the legislature of India and its core purpose was to prevent such frauds. It is particularly the body that will be charged with the task of regulating all stock markets activities such as the stock brokers, stock exchanges, sub brokers of India like from, portfolio managers and a lot other players in the Indian financial markets. This statutory body has put in place a raft of rigid measures to protect the interests of the investors in the Indian stock market. In fact as per the reports of the various officials of the body, thanks to the inception of online trading and daily settlements, the instances of fraud have been nearly kept at the lowest of minimums, nearing nil reports.

Statistics have it that India, just second after the United States, has the largest number of the listed companies in their securities market. This is as such a trend that has led many of the big time investors to look to India as their alternative investment destination. Know about sharekhan franchise here!

As a matter of fact as well, this is attracting so many even in India with the middle class showing great interest to invest therein. View this website about broker.

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